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How to Save Orders as Drafts

Want to draft an order to save it for later? Follow these steps ⤵️

Why Save an Order as a Draft ❓

Drafting an order is a helpful tool if you want to wait to place it. You can draft orders to place them all for delivery on one day or wait to place them all at once. If you don't meet the minimum parcel requirements, saving orders for a day when you have at least 5 can be one way to avoid extra fees.

⚡Don't forget, you can also avoid minimum pick-up fees by dropping off at a FlashBox Hub!

How to Draft an Order

➡️ Go to Orders

➡️ Go to Orders > Place single order

✍️ Fill in the single order form (for more help with placing a single order, see [How to Place a Single Order Through the Dashboard](

➡️Click on Save as Draft

⚠️ Don't forget, labels are not created until you place the order for delivery. Drafted orders to not generate labels.

How to View Drafted Orders

To view the orders you've already saved as drifts, you need to find your drafts list.

➡️ Go to Orders

➡️ Go to Orders > Draft list

Once you have your drafts open, you can search by:

Order ID,





Or reference code.

You can also view drafts created on a certain date or filter by platform (Shopify or ShipStation)

To find specific drafts,

➡️ Go to Filters

How to Order a Drafted Delivery

Are you ready to place a drafted order for delivery? Schedule a draft in just a few minutes ⌛

➡️ Go to Orders

➡️ Go to Orders > Draft list

➡️ Select the order(s) you want to place for delivery

➡️ Click on Continue

➡️ Select your pick-up method

➡️ Click on Continue

➡️ Click on Submit

Any drafted orders submitted for delivery will then have labels generated. All you need to do now is attach your labels and prepare your parcels for pick-up (or bring them to a FlashBox Hub)!

Updated on: 17/03/2023

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