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How to Integrate FlashBox to ShipStation

Shipstation is a web-based shipping platform that streamlines and automates shipping processes. You can coordinate and place shipments all from one place, and automatically find the best rates!

Why use both FlashBox and ShipStation ❓

If you’re using multiple carriers, ShipStation helps you find the best delivery providers for each. By using FlashBox, you can find the most affordable same-day delivery options for your customers.

Let’s get your ShipStation account set up with FlashBox deliveries 🤝

How to Integrate FlashBox to ShipStation

➡️ Navigate to and log in to ShipStation

➡️ Click on Settings

If you don’t have a FlashBox account to log in to yet, you can make one here.

➡️ Click on Shipping

➡️ Click on Shipping > Carriers

➡️ Click on Shipping > Carriers > Add a Carrier Account and select FlashBox

➡️Use your FlashBox credentials to log in

➡️ Click on Connect

Your account is now set up! 📲

You can create automations and link your account to other providers as well! Check out the rest of the knowledge centre articles for more help with setting up your ShipStation account through FlashBox.

Updated on: 17/03/2023

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