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How to Place Batch Orders from ShipStation

What is Batching ❓

Batching is a helpful tool to create a subgroup of orders that you want to be delivered a certain way. For example, you have 5 or more orders you'd like to have delivered on one day, you can order all of these at the same time.

How to Place Batch Orders Through ShipStation ⤵️

➡️ Select the empty box beside the orders you want in the batch

➡️ Select Other Options

➡️ Select Other Options > Add to Batch

➡️ Select Other Options > Add to Batch > Create New Batch

Now we actually need to order the parcels from that batch for delivery.

➡️ On the left side of your screen, click on Open Batches

➡️ Select the batch you created

➡️ Select all orders within the batch

➡️ Click Process Shipments

➡️ Click on Continue

➡️ Click on Print Labels

Then you can print your labels however is easiest for you!

⚠️ Please note the system will also notify you if you have any errors in your orders. The error problem will tell you what needs to be resolved before your orders can be placed.

For example, look at these examples of potential problems:

Here, you would need to:

Change the time slot

Add a description

And remove parcels being delivered outside of the FlashBox coverage zone.

And then your delivery is set to go! That's how you can quickly batch and place orders for FlashBox delivery through ShipStation ⚡

Updated on: 17/03/2023

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