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How to Place an Order with a FlashBox Hub

As a FlashBox merchant, you have two main options when it comes to picking up parcels. If you want less than five parcels picked up on any given day, FlashBox Hubs are the solution for you. Offer same-day delivery to customers without having to meet any minimum parcel requirements yourself - so everyone wins! 🥳

What is a FlashBox Hub ❓

A FlashBox Hub is a service courtier location where you can essentially meet our drivers halfway. Drop off your parcels to any Hub, and our drivers will pick them up there before delivering them to your customers!

Here’s a quick guide on placing orders for FlashBox Hubs:

To place an order for delivery using the FlashBox Hub pick-up option, navigate to your dashboard.

➡️ Click Place a Single Order and input the delivery details (see How to Place a Single Order for more assistance).

➡️ When asked to specify your pick-up method, select You Drop-Off.

❗This means you need to bring your orders to any FlashBox Hub location, and we will have a FlashBox delivery agent pick them up from there.

The system will automatically locate the Hub closest to you 📍

➡️ Click Continue

➡️ Click Submit

⚠️ Parcels dropped off at a FlashBox Hub location before 12 p.m. will be delivered that same evening. Any parcels dropped off after this will be delivered the following day. ⚠️

Cheers to same-day delivery for everyone!

Updated on: 17/03/2023

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