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How To Print Labels:

How To Print Labels:


Once you have sent your orders on our dashboard, you can download your labels directly.

Our labels utilize code-39 type barcodes that are scanned throughout the delivery process. We also have a code-128 in the bottom right for merchants who want to save a specific code for themselves. For Code128, Order IDs must be 20 characters or less.

Print Labels

Labels must be a minimum size of 3"x2".

1. On a laser printer

If you don’t have a label printer, you can use a personal printer or visit a local office supply store. Labels can be printed on an 8½ by 11 sticker sheet or on regular copy paper (must be well-taped). We recommend using a sticker sheet that has 6 stickers (4 x 3.3) per sheet or 3 stickers (4x6) per sheet.

2. On a label printer

Our label sheet is adaptable to any label printer you may have. The labels will auto-resize based on your printer dimensions. We recommend all Zebra or Bixolon printers.

Stick Labels

Once the labels are printed, stick them on your parcels. Labels must be placed on parcels before our driver arrives.

Example Label:

Updated on: 10/03/2023

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