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How to Place a Single Order Through the Dashboard

The FlashBox dashboard is your most powerful tool when it comes to your deliveries. You can place, manage, and organize everything in one simple place.

Why Place Single Orders ❓

Single orders are perfect for merchants with only a few orders every day. You can insert all the information we need in just a few minutes. If you're ordering more than a few parcels every day, you might prefer uploading our bulk order spreadsheet (see how to do this in How to Upload Bulk Orders to the Dashboard).

How to Place Single Orders

Placing single orders on the FlashBox dashboard is simple. However, we do recommend taking your time to make sure there are no errors made while inputting the information - otherwise it can affect the success of your deliveries.

➡️ Go to Orders on the left-hand side

➡️ Click on Place single order

Now we have two parts to fill out:

Part I: Receiver info

➡️ Fill in all the required information (marked by an asterisk)

Customer name

Customer address (including street address & postal code)

⚠️ Under receiver info, there are many fields that are not required. However, we recommend filling some of them out, and some of them will be unique to some merchants.

Phone & email: while we recommend filling these out, your customers might not provide them to you (deliveries are much more successful when we can contact the customer!)

Unit/buzzer: you only need to fill these out if they are applicable to the address (ie. apartment buildings)

Note to delivery agent: you only need to fill this out if you have a special request for the delivery agent (ie. verify the recipient is 19+)

Signature: this is automatically set to 'no' - if your order requires a signature at drop-off, select 'yes'.

It's also important to note that the delivery will automatically be schedule for the next available time slot. Please double check to make sure the date is as you expected.

Part II: New parcel

➡️ Select the parcel size you are delivering

⚠️ This section has it's own sections you can fill out when you need to. The above step is the only requirement. The rest of the options include:

Reference code: fill this out with your own order ID if you have one

Value of parcel: we insure up to $100 of every delivery, but you can fill out the order value here

Description: what's inside your parcel

➡️ Click on Continue

Now you'll be taken to a new page

➡️ Choose the pick-up option you'd like to go with (find out if FlashBox Hubs are right for you here)

➡️ Click on Continue

➡️ Click on Submit

⚠️ If you are selecting to drop off at a FlashBox Hub, you can find the location closest to you on the Pick-up method page

Or: to save the order as a draft to place later, click "save as draft."

There you go! Your order is now set to be delivered on the date you selected 🥳

Updated on: 17/03/2023

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