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How to Place a Single Next-Day Order on ShipStation

You might be wondering, why next day ❓

FlashBox offers same-day delivery for residential addresses. But for commercial address deliveries, we pick up and deliver over two days. Using FlashBox for your commercial deliveries is the fastest and most affordable method ⚡

Here’s a simple guide on placing next-day delivery orders through FlashBox on ShipStation:

➡️ Navigate to your order list

➡️ Click on the order number you want to deliver tomorrow

➡️ Click Service

➡️ Scroll down and select Next-Day Delivery Commercial Address

❗If a rate appears, we deliver to the selected area.

⚠️ Want a free signature to complete the delivery? Be sure to also specify this under Confirmation ⚠️

➡️ Specify your parcel size

➡️ Select Create + Print Label

Your order for tomorrow is now created and your label is ready to be attached! Time to get those commercial address deliveries faster than ever ⏩

Updated on: 17/03/2023

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