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How to Install the FlashBox App on Shopify

The first step towards starting FlashBox deliveries through Shopify is to link your accounts. Luckily, we've made it easy, and all you need to do is follow a few steps

⚠️ Before starting, be sure you have already recieved your FlashBox login credentials! If you have not, please go to our website to set up an account.

To get started, download the FlashBox App on Shopify ⬇️

Install FlashBox Here

➡️ Go to the Shopify App Store and search for FlashBox (or click on the button above)

🔍 Search for FlashBox

➡️ Click Add App

Once you're on this page, the app has been added! 👏 Now let's log in.

➡️ Under Apps, click on FlashBox

➡️ Click on Login

Now you'll be brought to the FlashBox website - but don't worry, this is exactly where you need to be.

❗You should have received login credentials to your email, which you'll need now. If you don't have these yet, don't worry, register for an account here.

➡️ Login here using the credentials from your email

🌟 By logging in, all your Shopify store data is automatically pulled into your FlashBox dashboard. Cool, right?

To make sure everything is set up correctly, head back to Shopify, and:

➡️ Under apps click on FlashBox

➡️ Scroll down to box #4 - Connect Your FlashBox Account

🟢 See a message that says voila? Then you're all set up!

🔴 Is there still seeing the Get Started page? Then it looks like we need to connect your accounts manually.

**How to manually connect your Shopify Account to FlashBox**

➡️ Go to your FlashBox dashboard

➡️ Click on the rocket ship icon to go to Integrations

➡️ Click on API

➡️ Press the copy symbol to copy the JWT token

⚠️Note: Do not copy the code by highlighting it, your computer will only copy the star characters ⚠️

Now, let's go back to your Shopify dashboard

➡️ Under apps, click on FlashBox

➡️ Scroll down to Connect Your FlashBox Account

➡️ Paste your JWT token you copied from your FlashBox dashboard

➡️ Click on Connect

Now your accounts will definitely be connected, which means it's time to start placing orders! 📦

Updated on: 17/03/2023

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