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How to download invoices (PDF, EDI)

Quick Video Tutorial:

You can access your invoices from the invoices page on your dashboard.

➡️ Select the Payments from the sidebar menu of your dashboard

➡️ Click on the Invoices

➡️ You can see a list of all your available invoices

Your invoice will be generated based on your billing cycle, which might be daily, weekly, or monthly (based on your contract).

How to download your invoices

Once you go to the invoices page on your dashboard, you can select and download a PDF or EDI version of your invoices.

❗Not that you will see a badge on your invoice indicating your payment status, which might be PAID or UNPAID.

What is an EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) invoice

EDI invoice also called an E-invoice (electronic invoice), is an invoice sent entirely through electronic channels. It entails the transmission of the invoice to the recipient as structured information in an agreed format, including detailed information on your orders per row.

Updated on: 10/03/2023

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