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Address Book: Senders / Recipients

You can search your address book for your saved Ship From or Ship To data and fill in their information fields with just one click!

Sender Information

in case you need to have different sender information from your ship from address, you can add custom sender information. This data will be replaced with the ship from information on the labels.

➡️ Once you want to place a single order, you can see your default sender information. It means when creating an order, the sender field will be pre-filled with your business information (or default sender information). You can edit it by clicking on the edit button.

➡️ You can also create a new sender and also save it in your address book or set it as your default sender info.

➡️ As you see, there is a search box and you can search your address book by their name, phone, or postal code.

Recipient Information

➡️ Likewise, you can search for receiver information (Ship To) or enter their information and once you have filled in the data, you can add the recipient to your address book by checking the "add this recipient to my address book" box.

➡️ You can also search for recipients by their name, phone, or postal code via the search box.

How to manage my address book

In order to manage your address book, you should go to settings. You can see two options of senders and recipients there, through each one you can manage your address book.

In order to manage your senders / recipients address book:

➡️ Go to settings

➡️ Select Senders / recipients

➡️ You will see a list of all senders / recipients you have saved before

➡️ You can also add new sender / recipients by clicking on ADD

➡️ Previous senders / recipients can be edited or deleted

Updated on: 10/03/2023

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