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Parcel Placement, Best Practice

Here's a list of helpful suggestions to place parcels in the best spot possible based on feedback from drivers and FlashBox customers.

The tips below may help you:

Help you to deliver faster.

Increase your delivery success rate leading to extra bonuses

Provide a higher-quality delivery experience

7 tips for drivers to successfully place parcels for customers:

Double-check those instructions - FlashBox customers sometimes give instructions for where and how to leave their parcels. Make sure to double-check before you drop off the parcel.

Top side up, please - Parcels may contain sensitive materials and should always be handled with care. Place them with the top side facing up to avoid damage (such as spills and breaks) to the parcel.

The shade is your friend - Customers regularly ask drivers to leave the parcel in the shade when possible. Doing this will ensure that perishable items remain safe to eat until they are picked up by the customer.

Keep it out of view - To help prevent theft, when you can, leave the parcel in a place that’s a little hidden, such as under a bench or behind a plant.

Clear the way - For safety reasons, avoid putting parcels directly in front of any doors so customers can easily open the door and avoid tripping on the parcels.

Keep it dry - In case of bad weather, try to avoid placing the parcel on the floor. Instead, place it on an elevated, level surface to ensure that parcels are not damaged by the rain.

Protect each parcel and your car - Keep a few plastic trash bags or liners in your car to protect your vehicle and the parcels in case a box leaks or bad weather.

Updated on: 10/03/2023

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