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I am having issues with the app. How can I fix it?

Test Internet Connectivity: A connection to the internet is required to use the FlashBox Driver app. Make sure you are able to access the internet on your device. You can test your connection by pulling up an internet browser to open a website or play a video.

Troubleshooting Tips: Try using the below tips in this order to get the FlashBox Driver app to load. If it continues not to work, you may need to return the packages to the sorting facility and upgrade your phone or cell service to continue working with us.

Close unnecessary apps that are open

Turn airplane mode on for 10 seconds and then off to reset your internet connection.

Turn your phone off and on again to reset your device.

Force close/stop the app for at least 30 seconds and open it back up.

Log out of the FlashBox Driver app and back into it.

Delete the app and redownload it

Change your settings, so apps only refresh in the background while you are using WiFi (iOS - General > Background App Refresh and Android - Data Usage > Mobile Data Usage)

Turn your WiFi on but do not connect to a network (may improve GPS accuracy)

During your downtime, update your software and settings to keep your phone up-to-date

Updated on: 10/03/2023

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