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Following Delivery Instructions

This best practices guide is on how to follow customer instructions when packages reach their final destination and was curated using tips from customers and fellow drivers.

The tips below may help you:

Help you to deliver faster.

Increase your delivery success rate leading to extra bonuses

Provide a higher-quality delivery experience

Following Instructions Best Practices

Customers who provide delivery instructions expect drivers to follow those instructions to the best of their ability. The following are commonly found in instructions:

Access codes to get into a building, gate, or door, buzzer number

Deliver to a specific door (i.e. back or side door instead of the front door)

Leave with the concierge or receptionist.

Deliver to the apartment door

What NOT to do during the delivery

Generally, when a customer specifies a “front” or “apartment” door, they are referring to the door to their residence rather than a lobby or front room in an apartment building.

Double-check to ensure instructions have been followed
Once at the delivery location.

Contact the Customer (Our top drivers tell us that reaching out to the customer can make all the difference. If you are ever unsure about a customer’s instructions, reach out to them via the call customer button in the app or message support.

Having Trouble Getting into the Apartment? Contact Support!
Message support in the FlashBox Driver app, and a support teammate will get in contact with you shortly to help you get into the building.

Other Useful Tips

If you are delivering between 9 a.m. - 9 p.m., ring the doorbell or knock (unless instructions say otherwise).

For safety reasons, avoid putting packages directly in front of any doors so customers can easily open the door and avoid tripping on the package.

Updated on: 10/03/2023

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