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Avoiding Unsuccessful Deliveries

We want to help you avoid unsuccessful deliveries, which is when a parcel was not successfully received by a customer.

We hope these tips help you:

Avoid having to return to a completed stop to fix an unsuccessful delivery.

Provide a great delivery experience

Receive awesome customer ratings

Here are 5 tips from top drivers and helpful customers:

Double-check the address and instructions
Before delivering, take the time to double-check on your Driver App that you’re on the correct street and at the correct house or apartment number. Also, check for specific instructions, such as a building code or specific drop-off location.

Take a break
Data shows that unsuccessful deliveries are more likely to occur late on a driver’s route or when drivers take multiple routes on the same day. So make sure to take a break to recharge.

Don’t guess
If you’re confused at a stop, rather than guessing what to do next, top drivers tell us they take the following steps to resolve this confusion:

Check the customer instructions provided in the Driver App

Contact Support

Call the Customer (if provided in Driver App)

Take clear photos
Using the proof-of-delivery feature on your app, take a clear photo of where you left the parcel. This helps customers and the FlashBox support team problem-solve a missed delivery.

Pay it forward.
If a customer’s address or instructions are incomplete, confusing or even incorrect, let our Support Team know! This really helps other drivers successfully deliver in the future.

Updated on: 10/03/2023

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