Commercial address delivery allows you to deliver to business addresses during business hours.

What Residential vs Commercial Delivery?

Residential delivery is a final delivery to a home or private residence. These can also include businesses operating out of a home. On the other hand, commercial deliveries are final deliveries to a business.

How Do Commercial Deliveries Work?

We pick up parcels on the day you place the order. Whether they’re residential or commercial, all your daily orders will be picked up and brought to our sorting facility together.

Residential orders will be delivered on the same day. Commercial address orders are then delivered to your customers the next morning between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. This ensures businesses are open when our drivers attempt the delivery.

How to Order Commercial Address Delivery

Ordering a commercial address delivery is almost the exact same as a typical residential delivery. However, you will need to specify that it's a commercial address, so we know not to attempt it after business hours.

Dashboard - Single order

  • On your dashboard, schedule your delivery

  • Choose Commercial on the address type field

  • Select your delivery date and submit your order

Dashboard - Bulk ordering (Excel, )


  • Pass "type": "COMMERCIAL" parameter when creating your orders

The customer will then receive a notification for their scheduled delivery confirming the date and address, and our drivers will receive a notification of the scheduled delivery window.

FlashBox delivery broadens your customer reach and helps you offer the fastest, most affordable delivery solutions to all customers – residential or commercial! For more information on ordering a next-day business delivery, please reach out to a member of our support team.

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