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How to complete your Same-Day Delivery order.

1. Log into our web application

Log in to the dashboard from FlashBox's website or click here. You can find the log-in button in the top right-hand corner of the webpage.

2. Select + Add New Order button

When you first open the page, there will be no current orders. To start your first order, begin by clicking on the '+Add New Order button' from the top right-hand corner of the webpage.

Add New Order Button

3. Fill out pick-up details

Add your pick-up information. Click on the '+Add New Pick-Up Address'. Fill out all of the details and then submit and continue.

Please note that this address will be saved for future orders. Additionally, you can add multiple pick-up locations and set one of them as default.


4. Submit drop-off details

You have two options to upload drop-off delivery details.

  1. Upload Batch

  2. Manual Upload

Batch uploads require filling out an excel document, and manual uploads are done directly within the platform. We recommend uploading a batch file.

For Batch Uploads:

i) Download the sample excel file from the page. Fill out the excel sheet with all required information. The excel sheet must be edited in Excel or as a CSV file.

You must meet these requirements for your orders to qualify for same-day delivery:

  • You have regular type parcels (no perishables, fragile or regulated times)

  • You have at least 3 parcels to send

  • You are sending this before 11 am

submit drop-off detail

If you have additional questions about the excel sheet, please reference this article.

ii) Upload the excel sheet to the dashboard.


If you incorrectly fill out the information, you will be prompted to correct the information manually:


iii) Confirm all addresses are correct and then hit 'Continue'.

5. Review

Review the information under the ‘Summary’ section. Once you have confirmed all addresses are correct, submit by clicking on the 'submit' button.

6. Print Labels

From here, click on the 'print labels' button. Your responsibility is to print these labels and place them on your parcels before our driver picks them up from you.

Example label:


If you have additional questions about printing labels, please reference this article.

7. Order Progress

Use the dashboard to see your order status.

Different Statuses

  • Waiting for pick-up

    • This will be the status until a driver picks up your order

  • In progress

    • This will be the status while your orders are being sorted and delivered

  • Completed

    • This will be the status when all deliveries are completed

If you have any questions about this process, please reach out to s[email protected].

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