1. Start Scheduled Order

One hour before the scheduled order, you will receive a notification to Start Order. If you do not press on "Start Scheduled Order" within one hour, you will lose the order and it will be dispatched to another driver.


2. At The Pick-up Location

At the pick-up location, please read the description for specific delivery instructions.


3. Parcel Pick-Up

When you pick up the parcels, always make sure that the label matches the drop-off locations you have on your app. If any parcels look damaged, please get in touch with support—view examples of damaged parcels.


4. Parcel Drop-Off

At the drop-off location, select 'Arrived At Drop-off 1.'


Due to Covid-19, we are doing contactless deliveries. Please use your signature in place of the customer's.



Proof of Delivery

Take a photo of the package and the label as proof of delivery. Please note that it is essential to check the label for specific delivery instructions. Learn how to read our labels to ensure accurate deliveries.


You can finish from the Drop-Off by long-pressing 4 seconds on the "Submit Button."

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